3 Course Dinner

Performative Events

Dinner Events Büro BDP, Berlin, DE (June 2011), Gallery D.O.R., Brussels, BE (27.11-02.12.2011), Quartier am Hafen, Cologne, DE (May 2016) Exhibitions Gallery D.O.R. Brussels, DE (December 2011), Katalyst Festival at Orangerie- Theater im Volksgarten (June 2016) Publications Art in America (July 2012), ’The Readymades’, Broken Dimanche Press (2011)

3 course dinner is the series of curated, performative events in which a group of invited guests sit all together around a table, without plates, nor cutlery, but instead with circles drawn straight on a table cloth and food placed directly on it. Guests have to use their fingers to eat their food and freely enjoy their meals.
Besides the social interactions, guests are simultaneously creating the canvas which will be later presented as a part of the exhibition. Exhibited canvases were placed alongside the gallery walls or as the installation or, if on stage, were suspended from the ceiling.
3 course dinner was part of the book project 'The Readymades' done in collaboration with writer John Holten, published by Broken Dimanche Press in 2011 and 'Ode to Mrs. Brown' done in collaboration with dancer and choreograoher Martin Sonderkamp presented at the Katalyst Festival 2016