Concept and Performance Darko Dragičević, Martin Sonderkamp Curator Kata Krasznahorkai Assistant Curator Lena Szirmay-Kalos Graphic and Visual Concept, Flyer, Poster Imre Lepsenyi Graphic, Visual Concept, Trailer, Magazine Benedek Takács Poster photograph Milica Lopičić Technical Concept Vazul Mándli, Zoltán Ádám Space Design Assistance Branka Blasius Documentation Martin Mallon Music 'The Deluge' by William Basinski Sound Design Tomas Wansing Produced by Collegium Hungaricum Berlin Supported by TanzFaktur Cologne, JSKD The Public Fund for Cultural Activities Slovenia Premiere Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, October 2015

Martin Sonderkamp and Darko Dragicevic unfold a 24/7 performance about the layers and traces of working and living together for 168 hours in a long-duree-performance at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB).

Their research is motivated by the question: How to crack open the divide between body and space? Choreography and space are thought of as intertwined, entangled and are being developed reciprocally: one cannot grow without the other.

Dragicevic and Sonderkamp will fabricate maps of concrete spaces and transfer the containing spatial properties, physical memory and affective resonances into the performance space. These maps are arranged in layers, allowing the performers to navigate between these superpositions. Movement and visual design are motivated by remembering, rebuilding, drawing, touching, tracing and imprinting.

Spaces extend into the body, the body unfolds itself onto space, leaving transient and concrete traces, visual and bodily. These traces produce maps alongside which the performers arrange choreography, objects and their bodies, marking their passage through space-time. Each performance leaves its distinct marks in space, each consecutive performance uses the preceding one as a starting point and superimposes new layers of marks and traces.

As a common point of interest, both artists explore the conditions under which relations between space and bodies are conceived, exploring how spaces unfold toward an inside and how bodies affect a spatial outside.