Architecture of Affect

Research project

Concept Darko Dragičević, Martin Sonderkamp Dance Martin Sonderkamp Visual Art Darko Dragičević Photography Milica Lopičić Special Effects Jonathan Omer Mizrahi Supported by Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, April 2015

Dancer/Choreographer Martin Sonderkamp and Visual Artist/Filmmaker Darko Dragičević have developed a transdisciplinary working method based on the mapping of their everyday lives, in which they topographically depict emotional and physical spaces, the interrelation of their bodies and their relation to objects, images and sounds.

Together with Architect/Photographer Milica Lopičić they have expanded their range of mapping/notation. Based on their mutual understanding of body as an integral element of space and architecture the artists researched how body feels and responds to acoustic, affective impressions spaces generate and how these processes can be mapped out.
Research Questions: How can we map out cross modal spatial perceptions (visual, acoustic, kinesthetic) using tools from visual art, photography, architecture and dance? How can we translate the kinesthetic aspects into visual? How can we develop visual-acoustic and visceral-visual semiotics?