Count from Zero to One Hundred

Short Film

Directed by Darko Dragičević Based on section 2 of the novella ’Count from Zero to One Hundred’ by Alan Cunningham (Penned in the Margins, 2013) Produced by Alan Cunningham Starring Freja Bäckman, Martin Südtal Director of Photography/Editor Martin Rettschlag Set Design Branka Blasius Sound Christian Schwarz Special Effects Shan Blume Poster Design FUK laboratories Premiere Node Center for Curatorial Studies, February 2013

Count from Zero to One Hundred: 2 is based on a section of the experimental novel ‘Count from Zero to One Hundred’ by Alan Cunningham.
Drawing on some of the themes of the novel, this short film explores the dangerous yet understandable sensation of feeling only in our own stubborn and static bodies, no matter how much love or intimacy is offered; of being unresponsive and defensive to touch and of being damaged, in ways only hinted at. It ends, however, having also hinted at a sense of the always enduring potential for - perhaps even need for, however damaged and defensive - touch and openness to an equally dangerous but ultimately joyful intimacy.