Ideal Week I, II, III, IV

Mixed Media

Exhibitions LGB + BDP = LBGDBP (solo exhibition), OTTO ZOO Gallery, Milan, IT (2012), People Who Work Here (group exhibition), David Zwirner Gallery, New York City, US (2012), Gedankenskulptur (group exhibition), Festival of Science and Art, Trier, DE (2012), The Armory Show Preview: The LGB Group – Europe - New York (solo exhibition), Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, DE (2012), 3 chapter exhibition: THE LGB Group, realized in collaboration with John Holten, Gallery D.O.R., Brussels, BE (2011), Tomorrow I Will Be Happy (solo exhibition) Motto, Berlin, DE (2011) Publications ’The Readymades’, Broken Dimanche Press, 2011

Ideal Week rests against the background of neoliberal capitalist logic. A logic demanding a highly self-disciplined cultural worker who embarks to optimize his creative capital, rigorously planning the blurring of art and life, which seemingly grants him creative as well as economic success and survival. Life based on this logic appears to be following a binary protocol dictating what is right and what is wrong.
Ideal Week is a topographical depiction through which I visualized the planning, the errors occurring while doing so, as well as my emotions and feelings that occurred while trying to live according to my planed Ideal Week.
I focused on finding the most inexpensive and most simple solution with which to transform my personal experience and feelings into a work of art, exclusively using paper, one pencil and one colored marker. The movements while drawing had to be carried out in repeatable, rhythmic ways. Any errors that occurred had to be marked immediately.
While living Ideal Week, I realized that I had overestimated my emotional aptitude to follow these protocols and procedures. Consequently, many unpredictable situations and feelings emerged. Feelings of isolation, obsession and loosing control emerged alongside paranoia and spontaneous panic attacks. My body responded with symptoms such as tremor, heart racing, breathlessness, cold sweat, heart burns and stomach cramps.
Naturally, I began to question the benefits of my routines. What were their consequences? How could I map the relation between regular, planned and irregular, unforeseen events and responses?
In retrospect, achieving my goals as mapped out in Ideal Week seemed only possible by simply following the regimen through which I ordered my daily and weekly activities from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep. For me, this was the only way. Sometimes I would achieve everything, but much more often I did not... For many years I kept on trying, always submitting myself to my plans.
On June 17, 2009 I decided to put everything on paper and turn this experience into an artwork.