It's already a success!


Presented during the tripartite exhibition, Gallery D.O.R. Brussels, BE (November 2011)

In November 2011 Darko Dragičević and John Holten carried out It’s Already A Success!, a weeklong, twice daily performance reading of the entire novel The Readymades as part of an exhibition by The LGB Group at the Gallery D.O.R. in Brussels. The performance posits a total exposure of the literary work, allowing the audience to sit down and participate in writing and picking up certain words, each day creating a different story and different meanings over a period of several hours for durations of their choosing.

It’s Already A Success! is an investigation into new modes of attention and readership; how one can go about performing a novel. It is an homage to Bas Jan Ader’s performance ‘The Boy Who Fell Over Niagara Falls’. Ader, in 1972, sat twice daily in an empty gallery, reading a short story.