Ode to Mrs. Brown


Concept Darko Dragičević, Martin Sonderkamp Performance Ale Bachlechner, Peter Haas, Lena Kunz, Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Anne Lene Nöldner, Miriam Rieck, Amanda Romero, Sophia Seiss, Felix Zilles-Perels Video Documentation Michael Maurissens Organized by ZAIK Presented during Katalyst Festival 2016 at Orangerie- Theater im Volksgarten, Köln, DE

Invited artists present non-disciplinary works developed within the frame of the workshop Ode to Mrs. Brown, in which they reflected upon and appropriated works and methods of Dada and Fluxus, whose artists both embraced and criticized modernity imbuing their works with references that increasingly defined contemporary life. The works presented hinge around the question how these art movements can be retraced and revived.

*Sometimes called the den mother of Fluxus, Mrs. Brown possessed a natural openness to new art and counted among her friends such avant-gardists as Marcel Duchamp, John Cage and George Maciunas. Her home became an important center for both Fluxus artists and scholars, with Mrs. Brown alternately cooking meals and showing her guests her collection.