Short Film

Written and Directed by Darko Dragičević Producer Austin Stack/Ample Produce Actors Oisin O´Driscoll, Irene Wright, James Freeman, Robert Boyd, Niall Power Director Of Photography Felix Novo de Oliveira Post-Production Supervisor/Editor Austin Stack Animation Direction Shan Blume Animation/Illustration Saana Inari, Hara Katsiki, Johannes Dumpe, Madeleine Boucher, Vadim Draempaehl, Timur Si-Qin, Joffrey Jans, Tobias Arndt, Yann Günther Soundtrack composed by Markus Popp/Oval Sound Design Nikki Moss Art Direction Jelena Čečović Set Design Sarah Carroll Costume Design Eveline Erni Production Co-ordinator Heiko Nemmert Production Manager Shah Besri Graphic Design FUK Berlin Premiere RTÉ 2, March 2016 Festivals and Screenings 29.Girona Film Festival, Girona, ES (2016), 27.International Film Festival Emden-Norderney, Emden, DE (2016), BOSIFEST, 7th International Film Festival, Belgrade, RS (2016), Wexford Art Center, work-in-progress, Wexford, IE (2012), Stattbad Wedding, work-in-progress, Berlin, DE (2010) Awards Best Director, BOSIFEST, 7th International Film Festival, Belgrade, RS (2016)

Retina tells a story of Kolya - a boy who is left blind and orphaned after an accident in the city.
When he moves to an island to live with his grandmother, he starts to re-build his damaged world through his remaining senses.