Dance Film

Directed by Darko Dragičević Choreographic Consultant Martin Sonderkamp Dancers Zeina Hanna, Jasmin İhraç, Tümay Kilincel Director of Photography Martin Rettschlag Assistant Camera Markus Küpper Editing Shan Blume Grading Martin Bahre Stylist Ann Delić Styling Assistant Marie Rieger Hair & Make-up Katharina Armleder Still Photography Max Hermus Technician Marko Uhlmann DJ Set Smeeta Narang Music Dry Retch by Donnacha Costello (Mille Plateaux) Produced by Cyan Studios

Somniac explores the dream-like hallucinogenic state of slumber. Filmed in one shot slow motion, it interweaves organic bodily movements with artificial repetitive sounds to deviate from reality to.