Short Film

Written and Directed by Darko Dragičević Director of Photography Daryl Hefti Editor Austin Stack Sound Design Brian Paneccasio Stylist Eveline Erni Starring Darko Dragičević TISCH design Jelena Pančevac Prototype production Christian Kuhn Made at ZHdK Werkstatt DD Special thanks Thomas Tobler, Armando Wenrli Filmed at Kunstraum Welcheturm, ZHdK Werkstatt and various locations in Zürich Exhibitions David Zwirner Gallery (group exhibition: People Who Work Here), New York, City, US (2012), Wexford Art Center, Wexford, IE (2012), Oslo Kunsthall Oslo, NO (2011), O3one Gallery, Belgrade, RS (2011) Published in ’The Readymades’, Broken Dimanche Press, 2011

Screen in white + title TISCH

PART 1: Couple of static shots (max 8) showing the studio space and the manufacturing equipment within. Here we already see parts of the table in the frames. Never though as our main focus.

PART 2: Int.Day. Empty room. White wall, concrete floor. Wooden board covered with blue linoleum lying on the floor. 4 wooden sticks on the floor placed around the board. Picture is static. The whole scenary is accompanied with the sounds of water filling the room.

PART 3: Male person completely dressed in black comes inside the room and places horizontally the board on the floor and connects the legs to it (close-ups showing the system of the connection between the two). While he’s doing that there are less and less sounds from PART 1 - almost fading away.

PART 4: Once it’s completed, the table is in the centre of the room “on it’s feet“. Male person crosses the frame right to left. Sounds of water.

PART 5: The same person comes inside and breakes it apart again but this time he places the board at the centre of the white wall and 4 legs on 1 side so they’re leaning. Sounds of the water are gone. Man leaves the room.

PART 6: Disturbing sounds of the water, for example the hiss of water escaping from broken pipe. Sounds are constantly present.

PART 7: A man from before comes inside the room carrying a white plastic bag in one hand. He takes each of the legs of the table and puts them in the bag. Then he takes the board and places it under his arm. He walks out of the room carrying the board and holding a bag. Disturbing sounds of the water dripping/leaking are still present.

PART 8: Man passing by on a different locations like the playground, field, park. Always carrying the table and a white plastic bag.

PART 9: Ext. Day. A man gets at the beach covered with stones. Lake in the background (similar colour as the surface of the table). He walks in the centre of the frame, supports the board of the table on his legs and takes out the wooden table legs from the plastic bag. He puts all of the pieces together. Once the table is done, he turns it in the right position, on it’s legs. Sounds from the PART 3 are present throughout this whole part. A man leaves the frame.

TISCH is in the nature. On the beach. At the lake. Standing quietly.

THE END (written on the white background containing all the credits).