Music Video

Written and Directed by Darko Dragičević Concept Markus Popp Music Oval + Dandara Producer Markus Popp/Oval Production Assistant Martin Hiendl Starring Ursula Doll, Daniela Lucato Acting Consultant Vlatka Alec Director of Photography Ivan Rubio Assistant Camera Laura Soria Gaffer Brian Apteiker Editor Ute Schall Visual Effects Robert Seidel Credits Daniel Massey Hair & Make-up Beatrice Kiefer Premiere FACT TV, October 2013

Voa is a music video without an overarching “master” script, based on minimal, “gesticular” improvisations/interactions of two actresses, performed quasi-live to music being played to them. Every stage of the process (rehearsing, shooting, editing) iterates those captured source clips independently and is based on their respective rule sets, working towards a final narrative.