Video and Multimedia

Exhibitions Finnland-Institut, Berlin, DE (24.1−28.2.2013), Gallery Ford/Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade, RS (18.04 – 12.05.2013)

Focus of Wahlheimat is on the questions of identity as an important contemporary anthropological and ethnological theme: who are we, what is making us the way we are, what are our origins like and how is that influencing our personal identities in the context of living in a times of fast globalization.
With Wahlheimat the two artists want to explore the connection of their current work in relation to their cultural inheritance.
The artists Darko Dragičević (born 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia) and Saana Inari (born 1983 in Kahala, Finland) try to answer these questions in this project which is consisted of videos and multimedia installations. It is based on interviews and personal researches they have conducted in their places of birth.
Wahlheimat reflects the ideas about family, time, homeland and death and studies at the same time the concepts of ‘back then’ and ‘today’ through a journey between Finland, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.